Desember 21, 2008

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Real Estate Lawyers. In earlier days there was just one lawyer involved in the sale of a house; the one that handled the closing of the sale. He sat at the head of the table and moved the paperwork back and forth between the seller and the buyer. He was the one that held the money until all of the paperwork was done.

Immigration Lawyers. For a country that was founded on immigration, there are a lot of rules and regulations that restrict and control immigration into the United States. These rules and regulations are getting more complicated by the fact that many cities, counties and states are passing their own laws concerning the status of immigrants, both legal and illegal, in their jurisdictions.

Vioxx Lawyers. In September of 2004, when Merck voluntarily removed their prescription pain medication, Vioxx, from the market, Product Liability Law once again moved into the realm of every day news. Lawyers for every day people took on one of the world's largest drug companies. The battles are still raging.

Adoption Lawyers. With so many couples considering adoption, it may be wise to seek legal advise early in the process. A lawyer can help couples who are considering adopting a child by making sure that the legal issues of the adoption are handled properly to ensure there will be no recourse after finalizing such an awesome decision.